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Vancouver Might Ask Translink To Discount For Low-income People, Free For Youth

Photo: GoToVan

A motion has been put forward by Councillor Swanson that asks Vancouver City Council to vote for the #AllOnBoard Campaign.

This campaign endorses free public transit for minors and “reduced price transit based on a sliding scale using the Market Basket Measure for all low-income people regardless of their demographic profile as soon as possible”.


The motion also asks the City to write a letter to the TransLink Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation, the Board of Directors of TransLink, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction asking TransLink to work with the provincial government to finalize and secure funding, and develop a plan.

In addition, the City is also asked to write a separate letter to the Mayors’ Council on Regional
Transportation requesting them to:

  1. Require TransLink adopt a poverty reduction/equity mandate in order to address the outstanding issue of lack of affordability measures to ensure those who need public transit the most can access the essential service.
  2. To request the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation and TransLink immediately and without delay amend existing by-laws and cease ticketing all minors for fare evasion as the first step towards the full implementation of free transit for children and youth 0-18, unlink ICBC from fare evasion for youth and adults, cease ticketing adults.

Vancouver City Council is scheduled to vote on this motion next week.


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