Top 10 Beginner Hikes In Metro Vancouver

Top 10 Beginner Hikes In Metro Vancouver

There are plenty of trail walks and hikes open that are perfect for beginners. Check out our list of some of the top spots to explore in Metro Vancouver.

Beginner Hikes In Metro Vancouver


Teapot Hill

The trail is situated next to Cultus Lake and gives hikers a brief uphill trek with a view of the lake. Teapots are hidden all over this charming trail to add a little whimsy to your adventure!

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Distance: 5km
  • Elevation Gain: 250 meters



Deer Lake

For a nice and flat trail walking experience, check out this gorgeous lake in Burnaby.

  • Time: 1 hour
  • Distance: 5km
  • Elevation Gain: minimal



Whytecliff Park

Located along the Howe Sound shoreline in West Vancouver, this park is a great place to climb some rocks, explore the trails and get a killer view.

  • Time: 1.5 hours
  • Distance: 2km
  • Elevation Gain: 75 meters



Alice Lake

Get out of the city and enjoy Alice Lake, just north of Squamish. A popular spot for camping, this lake offers plenty of hiking trails with stunning scenery every step of the way.

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Distance: 6km
  • Elevation Gain: 200 meters



Quarry Rock

Located on the North Shore in Deep Cove, this hike offers breathtaking views of the cove and downtown Vancouver.

  • Time: 1.5 hours
  • Distance: 3.8km
  • Elevation Gain: 100 meters



Lynn Loop

A short trail on the North Shore that leads you through the forest and then along Lynn Creek.

  • Time: 1.5 hours
  • Distance: 5.1km
  • Elevation Gain: minimal



Burnaby Mountain

Situated east of downtown Vancouver, Burnaby Mountain offers several trails differing in duration but all provide gorgeous views.

  • Time: 3 hours
  • Distance: 7.5km
  • Elevation Gain: 300 meters



Lighthouse Park

Located along the shores of West Vancouver, this park is a beautiful spot to take in your surroundings and go for a nice trail walk.

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Distance: 6km
  • Elevation Gain: minimal



Buntzen Lake 

Find this gem just north of Port Moody and enjoy the forests, beach areas and a hiking trail that does a full loop around the lake.

  • Time: 3.5 hours
  • Distance: 8km
  • Elevation Gain: 110 meters



Cypress Falls

A brief walk leads you through a beautiful forest along Cypress Creek up past two stunning waterfalls.

  • Time: 1.5 hours
  • Distance: 3km
  • Elevation Gain: 130 meters




Photos: Vancouver Trails

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