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#ThankYouJake Is Going Viral After Vancouverite Saved 18 Year Old Muslim Girl

muslim girl

Photo: Noor Fadel / Facebook

Jake Taylor, a resident of Vancouver, is being hailed a hero after he saved an 18-year-old muslim girl from assault.

Noor Fadel, 18, boarded the train at Waterfront Station on Monday, December 6th. A man began to verbally assault her, yelling and screaming a litany of profanities. He allegedly said he would “kill all Muslims”.

Also, Noor was wearing a hijab while the incident took place and the attacker tried to remove it with force.

While no one else decided to step in, Jake did courageously.

“I went over and gave him a shove and told him to ‘get the ‘F’ out of here.” Taylor told CTV News.

46-year-old Pierre Belzan has been charged with one count of threatening to cause death or bodily harm and one count of assault.

Muhammad Lila, a media correspondent, started the hashtag #ThankYouJake.

Across social media, people are showing their appreciation for Jake’s brave act of helping Noor.






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