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Two People Charged For Brutal Assault Of 61-Year-Old On Bus In Surrey


Photo: @TransitPolice / Twitter

Two people have been charged for an assault on a 61-year-old on a bus in Surrey last month.

The incident occurred on a 96B bus at the Surrey Central SkyTrain station on March 20th around 6:30 p.m. The victim proceeded to sit beside the suspect, who was saving the seat for her husband.

In turn, the enraged woman used her body to force the victim out of the seat. Following this, the victim was able to capture a photo of the woman of her cellphone; however, that made the suspect extremely angry.

At this time the suspect then proceeded to grab her by the hair and brutally assault her. In turn, the victim suffered a broken arm, a cracked sternum and head trauma.

Now, the the two suspects have been identified as Cristina Sasha Ponce and Dylan James Miranda.

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Multiple Charges Including Assault

Miranda, 34 years of age, a resident of Surrey and well known to police, turned himself in to police last week. After being interviewed, he was initially released on a Promise to Appear relating to a recommended charge of Mischief.

After a thorough review of the file, Crown Counsel has now issued his arrest warrant under charges of Assault, Theft and Mischief.

Ponce, 28 years of age, a resident of Surrey and known to police, turned herself in to Transit Police yesterday. She was then interviewed by Transit Police detectives.

She has now been charged with Robbery, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Uttering Threats to Cause Death or Bodily Harm and Theft.

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