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Metro Vancouver 16-Year-Old Survives 150-Meter Fall On Oregon’s Mount Hood

Surrey Teen survives fall off Oregon Mountain, Mount Hood

Photo: @deviantart / Instagram

A Surrey teen was sent to a hospital in Oregon this week after surviving a 150-metre fall while climbing Oregon’s Mount Hood.

16-year-old Gurbaz Singh was climbing Mount Hood with friends earlier in the week, when he lost his footing on the ice, falling from a section known as the Pearly Gates, where he shattered his femur.

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“It happened pretty quick, so it was kind of unexpected,” Singh told CBC News from the hospital in Portland.

He fell while at an elevation of 3,200 metres, where it took rescuers four hours to find him, splint his leg, and bring him down the mountain.

A public relations officer with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Marcus Mendoza, explained the ice wasn’t strong enough at that point in the season to hold the boy.

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“The Pearly Gates is a narrow chute — almost like climbing up a chimney,” he said to CBC.

He added that rescuers were “amazed” Singh survived with only a broken leg.

Singh was attempting his 98th summit at the time of the fall. He expects to be back climbing once his leg heals.

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