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Injured Hiker Left Abandoned On North Vancouver Trail

Injured hiker

An injured Richmond hiker was left abandoned by her companions along a North Vancouver trail, Sunday evening.

The 27-year-old Richmond woman was hiking to Coliseum Mountain with a group of people she met through an online meetup app.

“Coliseum and Haynes Valley, those are serious hikes,” said Mike Danks, leader of North Shore Rescue, to Richmond News. He added that leaving hikers behind is “a big what not to do.”

Upon meeting, the hikers separated into two groups – one for faster and one for slower hikers.

The woman paired off with another man, but he eventually left her behind and caught up with the others. Shortly after, she injured her ankle and was unable to walk.


The Search

North Shore Rescue arrived on the scene, after receiving a call from B.C. Ambulance at about 7 pm that evening. The details were unclear, as the woman didn’t know where she was.

The rescue team received another call shortly after. A more experienced hiker had found her and passed on accurate details.

By that time, it was too dark for a helicopter search, so teams drove out as far as they could and then hiked for a couple of hours before finding the woman.

When North Shore Rescue had caught up with the rest of the group, they soon realized the group “had no intentions whatsoever of alerting authorities there could be a potential problem,” said Danks to Richmond News.

The group had planned on leaving the mountain without letting authorities know anyone was left behind.

It was difficult to understand why the group would leave her, particularly because there was a language barrier. But Danks added it could have been a matter of life or death, if someone hadn’t found her.

“Luckily, there was someone who came across this lady,” said Danks to CBC. For hikes like the Coliseum, Danks’ advice is to always, “stick together as a group.”

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