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Surrey Ranked As The Sexiest City in British Columbia

crescent beach Surrey - sunset in metro vancouver

Photo: City of Surrey

Yes, you read the title correctly. Surrey has surpassed Vancouver in a recent list of Top 20 sexy cites in Canada. It is now is the leading sexy city in British Columbia.

While still in the top 20 sexiest cities in Canada, Vancouver has dropped to the 16th spot, with Surrey taking second place.

This is according to a map by Pink Cherry, an online adult store for adult novelty products and lingerie.

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PinkCherry says their ranking is based on the most sex toy sales per person.

For the top 10 sexiest cities, they look at those with a population of 300,000 people or more and for towns it is based on those with more than 50,000 people.

The company says that the results were very telling of the interests of people living in those cities.

For example, Calgary (in the number 1 spot) focused on gifts for couples, while Winnipeg (number 5 on the list) seemed to prefer singular items.

They did not detail what Surrey residents were purchasing (although we are curious).

They did note that there has been a rise in new customers since the pandemic. “People have been focused on their overall wellbeing, and sexual health and wellness plays a large role in that,” says the CEO of the company.

Top 20 Sexiest Cites in Canada:

  1. Calgary, Alberta

2. Surrey, British Columbia

3. Edmonton, Alberta

4. Ottawa, Ontario

5. Winnipeg, Manitoba

6. London, Ontario

7. Hamilton, Ontario

8. Brampton, Ontario

9. Halifax, Nova Scotia

10. Victoria, British Columbia

11. Toronto, Ontario

12. Montreal, Quebec

13. Mississauga, Ontario

14. Vaughan, Ontario

15. Kitchener, Ontario

16. Vancouver, British Columbia

17. Markham, Ontario

18. St. Catharines, Ontario

19. Quebec City, Quebec

20. Laval, Quebec


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