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Students Launch New Medical Aid Team At SFU

Getting hurt is never fun, especially when your first aid skills match that of a cat with gauze. As much as getting hurt sucks, if it happens to you on campus, it’s not something that you have to worry about anymore! SFU is following UBC by becoming the next university with a student emergency medical aid team.

The SFU student medical aid team, partnered with Vancouver Ambulance Service, is designed to tend to all first aid emergencies on campus from breaking a bone to kissing that booboo(do not call them for this). This team is also here to train and educate. That’s right; you too can be trained on how to deliver standard first aid treatment. They will also provide certification.

You might see the new SFU student medical aid team covering future soccer games, and the NCAA Basketball games. They might even be there to watch over you at the monthly Highland Pub events.

These trained students, guardian angels I would say, are completely not-for-profit and only here to help those in need.

“Other Universities have this system set up where students respond to emergencies, and not only are we educating SFU students but we are also trying to get people involved to strengthen and enhance the SFU experience” (Sasha Maleki) – cofounder of the Emergency  medical aid team.

The SFU student medical aid team is being praised in many and hopes to grow in numbers to make no situation too big for them to handle.

For those interested in joining in the team, contact Sasha Maleki at [email protected] or Farzad Sharis at [email protected] – No qualifications needed!


Written by: Christopher Orellana

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