Man Caught Skiing In Richmond Last Night (VIDEO)

Skiing In Richmond

Who said you can’t go skiing in Richmond?

A video submitted to 604 Now shows a car pulling a person on skis through one of Richmond’s busiest streets last night.

Chloe Wang said she was driving through Richmond last night and that’s when her friend captured the whole thing on video.

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Skiing in Richmond

Photo: Chloe Wang / Facebook

In the video, you can see a red car pulling someone on skis, while they’re holding on to a line that’s hooked to the back of the car.

As the video moves along, the group takes a left turn at the intersection of Gilbert and Granville road, one of Richmond’s busiest areas.

You can see the video below:

Posted by Chloe Wang on Monday, February 11, 2019


Earlier today, Richmond RCMP pulled over and fined a motorist $109 for failing to clear all of their windows of snow.

Over in Surrey, a motorist got on his car to push a cab stuck in the snow.

Individuals are reminded to be safe out there and be prepared for today’s snowfall.

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