Richmond Mayor Doesn’t Think Being Born In Canada Should Guarantee Citizenship

Richmond Mayor

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie believes that there’s a huge problem in his city and it stems from birthright citizenship.

The re-elected mayor doesn’t believe people should be permitted citizenship solely on the basis that they were born here in Canada. In particular, he points to the problem of birth tourism in his city and how some people are profiting off this practice.


By definition birth tourism is to “travel to another country for the purpose of giving birth in that country”.

Brodie acknowledges that it’s very tough for him to do anything at the municipal level, because it’s not illegal for a foreigner to give birth in Canada.

Birth Tourism Petition

In October, Liberal MP Joe Peschisolido, whose riding is Steveston-Richmond East, put forward a petition signed by 10,882 people from across the country.

“The birth tourism industry must be dismantled and ultimately shut down” said Peschisolido.

According to provincial statistics, 23% of all births that take place at Richmond Hospital fall underneath birth tourism.

Peschisolido also added that “an entire industry of brokers and maternity tourism businesses are profiting from birth tourism, from agents, birthing houses, doctors and hospital”.

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