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Almost 674,000 Cubic Metres Of Raw Sewage Dumped In False Creek Last Year

Sewage Dumped

It is no secret that Vancouver waters are polluted; however, many people are shocked by just how much contamination is in our waterways.

In fact, pollution levels in Vancouver’s False Creek are nearly four times safe levels. The healthy authority doesn’t know exactly why the level is so high, but is advising that the waters are extremely toxic.

A level of 200 E. coli per 100 ml of water is generally considered safe for swimming; False Creek’s water’s registered at 776.

Shockingly, nearly 674,000 cubic metres of raw sewage dumped into the creek from one sewer overflow alone.

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Sewage Dumped in False Creek

As a result, Environment Canada warns that people shouldn’t risk braving the waters anytime soon. For one, there is a much greater risk of gastrointestinal illness to swimmers and bathers who use this water.

Studies have identified gastrointestinal and upper respiratory diseases in bathers in contaminated waters. Specifically, they identify waters that have a high concentration of E. coli, which is often associated with animal or human fecal contamination.

While people aren’t usually found swimming in False Creek, it is home to myriad water sports. As such, anyone that falls in the water is at risk.


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