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Feces Keeps Falling From BC Skies Causing Poop Rain


There are a number of strange stories in Metro Vancouver news every week; however, the latest batch of stories about feces falling from BC skies are truly bizarre.

And, it isn’t only the stories that are odd. These unpleasant occurrences are happening more and more frequently. In fact, 10 incidents were reported to Transport Canada in the past month alone.

For one thing, it is usually extremely rare to hear of a pedestrian or vehicle being struck from above. Of course, being hit by bird droppings is one thing, but human excrement is cause for serious concern.

Not only does fecal matter contain an array of harmful bacterias, but it usually comes from much higher in the sky.

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Falling Feces in BC

Maple Ridge News spoke to Susan Allan of Kelowna who told them of an unsettling story regarding an incident on June 6th.

“We were parked at the lights when the ‘sky poop’ starting falling,” said Allan. “It got all over my car, it got all over (me) and got on my son, inside my vehicle. It was definitely falling from the sky.”

To make matters worse, Allan caught conjunctivitis in both eyes from the ordeal.

Referred to as “blue ice,” frozen lavatory waste from aircrafts may melt and fall off during flights. Usually, the waste is contained to an enclosed sewage holding tank, but sometimes the holding valves malfunction.

With that being said, Transport Canada hasn’t determined the exact cause or culprit behind these messy encounters.


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