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NASCARS Coming To A Langley Speedway Around You?

Metro Vancouver is having a hard time deciding over whether or not the city of Langley should stick to horses or switch over to horsepower!?

A paved oval race track, which was last used for NASCAR-style racing in 1984, is now a part of Campbell Valley Regional Park. Since the park already has a paved oval track we think this could be a great idea for Metro Vancouver to allow stock cars back on the track! Many of us, including Metro staff member, Murray Jones, believe that watching race cars is something that a lot of people in Metro Vancouver have never experienced and are missing out on.

Back in the day, the Speedway could attract around 3,000 spectators per weekend on average, with record high numbers of 11,000 spectators for one single weekend alone!

Side note: With the release of Fast 6 just around the corner, how cool would it be if the track was turned into a street racing course for personal cars, similar to the Raceway in Mission, BC.

(Upcoming events: Importfest – The Biggest & Baddest Car Show Returns to Vancouver)

Image via @StudlyDelarme

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