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A Vacant Lot In Fort Langley Is Transforming Into A Pop-Up Park For The Summer

Pop-up Park

While it won’t be permanent, the township of Fort Langley is getting a fun pop-up park this summer.

Right now, the space is a completely vacant lot, and a bit of an eyesore. Its owner, developer Eric Woodward, had to cancel his former development plans. Thus, its been sitting empty.

That will change this summer, however, when the area will be re-turfed and re-vitalized. It may be years before Woodword can move forward with his development. Therefore, he wanted to utilize the space to the benefit of the community.


Pop-Up Park

“Woodward, who cancelled development plans for the site because of a dispute with the Township, said the project will include community gathering spaces and family play areas including an outdoor lounge, picnic areas, outdoor ping pong and other elements,” reports the Langley Times.

What’s more, Woodward’s disputes include more than this pop-up space. In fact, in another stand-off, the developer painted a house bright pink that he wanted to be demolished.

He hopes to have elements of the park ready for July.


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