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Playland’s Most Popular Ride Closed Until 2022 For Major Refurbishment

wooden coaster playland 2022

Photo: PNE/Playland

Although the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) Fair is opening this weekend, the most iconic amusement park ride will not be.

The Wooden Coaster have not been running since Playland reopened this year, and it appears it will stay closed for the remainder of 2021.

PNE has decided to take on a major refurbishment project to fix the ride and make sure it’s in optimal condition for use in 2022. This is when they will expect the fair to run at full capacity again, and taking the time to update this beloved ride.


PNE spokesperson Laura Ballance, says “The Wooden Coaster is one of the most highly maintained rides in the country, but as a living structure built from wood, we must undertake regular maintenance prior to the opening of the park each year.”

Refurbishing the wooden coaster wasn’t due to any safety issue, however this would be an overall upgrade.

About the Wooden Coaster

The coaster was built in 1958, and has become Playland’s most historic attraction. It is the #1 Wooden Roller Coaster in Canada and ranked 12th in the world.

Some fun facts:

  • It opened in 1958, making the structure 63 years old this year
  • Each train is made up of eight two-person cars (total capacity per train: 16)
  • Maximum speed of trains is 45 mph
  • Maximum track height is 75 feet at highest point (1st hill)
  • Track length is 5/8th of a mile
  • Ride time is 90 seconds
  • Coaster rides an average of 1/2 million guests annually
  • Built from Douglas fir
  • Originally built for $200,000
wooden coaster
Photo: PNE

The entire project upgrade is estimated to cost from $500,000 – $750,000, and will be ready by Spring 2022.


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