A Look At America’s First Weed Restaurant: The Original Cannabis Cafe

Original Cannabis Cafe California Weed Restaurant

The Original Cannabis Cafe may have opened in California and not here in British Columbia, but something tells us that some Vancouverites would be willing to go the distance.

This is despite the fact that the Original Cannabis Cafe is not quite what it sounds like. They don’t serve cannabis-infused food, or food made with THC butter, or anything of the sort. Nonetheless, there’s still a certain “cool” factor.

What they are, essentially, is a dispensary with a restaurant. “We are a fresh concept blending a cafe and dispensary”, they say.

Original Cannabis Cafe California Weed Restaurant

Photo: @ogcannabiscafe / Instagram

Imagine wanting to get some classic diner food, like a burger, fries, or vanilla ice cream root beer float, but you also have a case of the munchies. Which craving do you satisfy first? The Cannabis Cafe is a one-stop solution to that conundrum.

They have your burgers, wings, tacos, nachos, sweets, and floats, but also your sativa doobies, concentrates, and edibles.

Their food menu is supposedly designed, by Chef Andrea Drummer, to help enhance your cannabis experience, but if you’re more interested in the food than the cannabis, they don’t judge. (According to Esquiretheir food comes to you shockingly quickly, too.)

Original Cannabis Cafe California Weed Restaurant

Photos: @themunchiesdiaries & @medicatedwithmads / Instagram

The Original Cannabis Cafe is located on 1201 North La Brea Ave. near Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, and is about a 21-hour drive from Surrey. Just hope your road trip goes a bit smoother than when Harold & Kumar went to White Castle. (Kumar would love this place.)

“For over a century we’ve been forced to hide cannabis consumption out of public view”, their website says. “But that time is now over.”

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