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OPA Souvlaki VS My Greek Taverna: Vancouver’s Greek Food Showdown

OPA Souvlaki VS My Greek Taverna

OPA Souvlaki VS My Greek Taverna
One of the most prominent Greek restaurants sprinkled throughout the 604 is Opa! Of Greece. A successful franchise, calling themselves “Canada’s Favourite Greek and Mediterranean Restaurant,” they are able to feed relatively authentic Greek food in a fast food format. However, when compared to a traditional dine-in meal at award winning My Greek Taverna, how do they compare? Find out below:

OPA Souvlaki VS My Greek Taverna


When comparing similar meals, My Greek Taverna definitely is pricier. For example:

  • A souvlaki meal including rice pilaf, a potato, pita bread, tzakiki & a Greek salad:

Is $15.95 at My Greek Taverna vs. $9.19 at Opa!

  • A Kalamari meal:

Is $16.95 at My Greek Taverna vs. $8.99 at Opa!

  • Spanakopita:

Is $6.95 at My Greek Taverna vs. $4.99 at Opa!

  • Baklava:

Is $3.50 at My Greek Taverna vs. $1.99 at Opa!

  • Hummus and Pita Bread:

Is $4.95 at My Greek Taverna vs. $3.29 at Opa!

Although My Greek Taverna does tend to have higher prices, it should be noted that the large price difference may be due to the serving size. For example, in the case of the kalamari meal, My Greek Taverna serves their kalamari with a potato, greek salad, rice pilaf, tzatiki and pita bread whereas, Opa! serves their kalamari with only a salad.

End Result: Opa! of Greece wins!

OPA Souvlaki VS My Greek Taverna

Pita bread and tzatziki sauce:

One of my expectations for Greek restaurants, is that the meal is served with a plate of pita bread and tzatziki sauce on the side for dipping.

At Opa! only the souvlaki meals come with both pita bread and tzatziki sauce, which is slightly disappointing when compared to My Greek Taverna, where the majority of meals include both at no extra charge.

When it comes to taste, the tzatziki sauce is about the same at both, but the pita bread is noticeably different. Opa!’s pita bread isn’t warmed, and the traditional pita-bread taste is taken away by the parmesan seasoning put on the bread when served. At My Greek Taverna, the pita bread comes warm and ready to melt in your mouth – making it some of the best pita bread out there!

End Result: My Greek Taverna wins!



One positive about Opa! is that it seems no matter what city you are in, if you have a yearning for Greek food, you can most likely find a nearby location. Also, if you’re in a hurry and unable to dine in, at Opa! you can be in and out with your meal within minutes.

On the other hand, My Greek Taverna currently only has two locations – one in Coquitlam, and one in Surrey, making it so you typically have to plan a trip out to eat there. Once you arrive, you may also find a long line and a bit of wait before you are seated. Therefore, making reservations to dine is strongly suggested.

End Result: Opa! of Greece wins!

OPA Souvlaki VS My Greek Taverna

Facilities Ambiance:

Many of Opa!’s locations are in food courts, forcing you to eat in what may not be the most comfiest of spots. However, eating at one of their separate facilities is always a pleasant experience, as they are well kept, bright, and spotless! The only complaint is that they tend to not emphasize Greek culture, and the Greek “feel” can be lost.

On the other hand, from the moment you step into My Greek Taverna you can tell you are in a Greek dining facility. Murals of Greece are painted on the walls and posts in the restaurant, and their placemats contain photos and descriptions of some of the most popular Greek attractions, instantly bringing you to the Greek islands. At night, candles are lit on the tables, and the lights are dimmed. The only problem is, it can become surprisingly loud.

End Result: My Greek Taverna!


Portion Size:

Both restaurants serve portions that are large enough to eliminate any hunger you previously had. However, at My Greek Taverna, the portions are slightly larger, and you may even end up with food to take home to finish off the next day!

Yet, it must be noted that one great option on Opa!’s menu is the ability to purchase a souvlaki skewer or spanakopita separate from a meal – which is perfect for a midday snack.

End Result: Tie!


Food Choices/Types:

When it comes to food choices there is no doubt that My Greek Taverna does offer more variety! Nearly every type of traditional Greek meal you can imagine appears on their menu, from souvlaki to chicken skaras. Additionally, even those who don’t have an appetite for Greek cuisine can enjoy a meal there, as they also offer NY steaks!

That being said, Opa! must be given credit for their effort in providing traditional souvlaki, spanakopita and kalamari meals. They also offer a variety of wraps and even delicious Opa! fries.

End Result: My Greek Taverna wins!

OPA Souvlaki VS My Greek Taverna

Overall Food Quality:

Opa! does have some great food. Their kalamari is tasty, their Opa! fries are full of flavor, and their meat is consistently freshly cooked and seasoned to perfection! In addition, their Greek salads have a lovely red wine and vinegar dressing. Yet, one huge downfall to their meals is that their Greek potatoes can be extremely dry, and their rice pilaf can taste too much like it has come out of a box from home.

However, My Greek Taverna’s food is always of top quality. Fresh and tasty no matter what you try – the prawns, the Greek salad, and the steaks could quickly become your favourites! Also, unlike Opa! their Greek potatoes are moist with a distinctive taste. Although, the chicken souvlaki can be slightly dry, and just doesn’t have the flavor, nor the “just-cooked” taste of Opa!’s.

End Result: My Greek Taverna wins! (However, Opa! wins for the best souvlaki)


In this battle of OPA Souvlaki VS My Greek Taverna, My Greek Taverna takes the prize winning with an ending score of 4-2. Now it’s up to you: test out both and see how they compare!

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Written by: Kerri J
Final image photo credit: Mokafe


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