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Old Navy: A Welcome Addition to Robson Street

Old Navy Robson

 Old Navy is nothing new. You go into any Old Navy store and you basically know exactly what you are getting yourself into: everyday basics, comfy workout clothes, the latest styles of jeans and sweaters galore! The Lower Mainland has even had the San Francisco-based clothing brand for a number of years at Metrotown. Yet, the comfort and familiarity of Old Navy was exactly what made me so excited to be invited to the media launch event on November 13, 2013.

On the corner of Robson and Granville, kitty-corner to the Winners or Future Shop, is where Old Navy opened their very first Vancouver store. I was told to arrive at 3 pm, and not one to be late, or pass up access to an exclusive event I made sure I was on time. I was then greeted by a worker who checked my name and ID and snuck my boyfriend and I inside while shoppers were told they opened to the public at 5:45 pm. I was then handed a $25 gift-card to spend and that’s when the fun began! The staff were all super friendly and genuinely excited to have me and the other media in their store. They welcomed us, explained certain articles of clothing, helped us shop around and encouraged us to try items on. I couldn’t resist diving into the complimentary bowls of candy and San Pellegrino in little bottles. Hey, a girl needs her energy while shopping!

Old Navy Robson  Old Navy Robson

The store is absolutely gorgeous and the layout is fantastic! The whole main floor is all women’s and divided into sections – casual, jeans, dressy, and workout attire. All the clothing was beautifully arranged and coordinated to help shoppers put together an outfit. My favourite piece and what I eventually ended up leaving with is the Old Navy “Rockstar” jean. It comes in a wide variety of colors, textures, prints, and rises! Basically, if they don’t have a jean to suit you, then you’re just too picky! These jeans are a must try and are now the most comfortable jean I have in my closet. Also on the main floor are accessories such a shoes, bags, and jewelry. This season Old Navy’s version of the very fashionable “bootie” comes in several colors and materials. Another must have! I also found myself in awe of the bags on display. At a very reasonable price, the bags were classic looking, with the ability to last several seasons.

Old Navy Robson Old Navy Robson

On the second floor of the downtown location is men and children’s clothing. This is uniquely spread out because the staircase is almost in the center of the store. Being the familiar Old Navy we all know and love, the men’s section was an array of flannel, puffy vests and corduroy pants in any color! The children/baby section was home to cute snowsuits and holiday attire just ready to be split all over!

The grand-opening of Old Navy’s downtown location will be a great addition to the Robson and Granville shopping area; perfect for trendy pieces at an affordable price or classic pieces on a budget. Old Navy we are glad you came!

By: Micaela Monk

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