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5 Places You’ll Always Remember If You Grew Up Near Vancouver

rainforest cafe metrotown mall burnaby

Photo: Metropolis at Metrotown

Turn back time and remember the good old days with these blasts from the past. If you grew up around Metro Vancouver, then you will likely remember some of these once popular spots.

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Nostalgic Metro Vancouver Places


Photo: Forum Vancouver

The ever so popular arcade in Burnaby’s Metrotown was how a lot of us spent our time after-school and on the weekends. The entertainment space was replaced by a Winners back in 2005 but its memory still lives on. It obviously had lots of exciting games, including one that was inspired by Jurassic Park. While Cineplex is planning to open Playdium back up again at locations across Canada, nothing can quite compare to the original.

Rainforest Cafe

rainforest cafe metrotown mall burnaby
Photo: Metropolis at Metrotown

Also in Burnaby’s Metrotown was this magical restaurant that resembled a rainforest, with lots of animals and rainforest sounds! It was more than just your typical eatery, it was a full-on experience…which is why it was so popular and probably why so many people remember it to this day. It opened up in the Summer of 1998 and closed its doors in October of 2001. Its existence was short and sweet and left imprints on the childhoods of a lot of Metro Vancouverites.


Photo: wildonescoasterclub

The Flintstone themed Dinotown was once known as Bedrock City. The dinosaur park was located along Highway 1 at Bridal Falls, just outside of Chilliwack. It was in business from 1975 to 2010 and had some brief stints after that at different locations, but nothing compared to the original. Attractions included a slide-a-saurus, a Jurassic exhibit and hand-powered bumper cars. There was also a White Spot restaurant on-site called White Spot Dinersaurus.


Castle Fun Park
Photo: Castle Fun Park

While we can go to Castle Fun Park now, some may remember when it was once called Wonderland. The theme park in Abbotsford has grown a lot over the years, but for those who spent time here when it was “Wonderland,” it can’t really compare to how it was back in the day. It was a favourite for popular arcade games, a batting cage, go-karts and of course, who could forget the mini golf. Wonderland was created in 1989 but the name was changed in 1998 after an Ontario amusement park said they were infringing on their park’s naming rights.

Grizzlies Games

metro vancouver
Photo: insidehoops.com

Remember when Vancouver had its very own basketball team? The team was first established in 1995 as part of the NBA’s extension into Canada. Unfortunately, after the 2000-2001 season, the team picked up and relocated to Memphis, breaking a lot of hearts in Vancouver.

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