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Should Pets Always Be Allowed In Metro Vancouver Rental Units?

No Pet Policy

While they may be considered man’s best friend, not everyone is a fan of Fido.

In fact, a number of landlords, as well as tenants, prefer to keep canines out of rentals. And, many people prefer apartment buildings to stay feline free, too.

With that being said, not everyone is happy with the “No Pet Policy.” For one thing, it is extremely difficult to find affordable housing in Metro Vancouver. With the worst housing market in national history, many people can barely afford to make ends meet.

For people who are looking for affordable housing, who also have a furry companion, the options are extremely slim.

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No Pet Policy

Pets aren’t just cute companions, either. In fact, studies show pets can decrease depression, stress and anxiety.  As a result, having a furry friend can lower your blood pressure, prevent stroke and heart attack and even improve your immunity.

As such, it doesn’t seem fair that only the well-off or lucky should enjoy the multifold benefits of animal affection. Groups are rallying for a ban on the No Pet Policy, as they believe it is discriminatory.

In contrast, a great deal of people think that having a pet is far from an essential need. Moreover, some think it hinders the comfort of those that don’t enjoy their presence.

For one thing, a dog’s unending barking can prevent neighbours from getting a good night’s sleep. Moreover, landlords often argue that they receive more complaints as a result of this behaviour. And, animals may also be responsible for a great deal of damage in rental units.

Do you think that the No Pet Policy is unfair? Do you think that landlords or prospective pet-owing tenants are in the right? 

Sound off in the comments below!


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