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Marchand Out With Suspention, Salo Out Longer With Concussion

After Saturday’s game in Boston, Brad Marchand was suspended five games for injuring Vancouver defenceman Sami Salo.

The 37-year-old landed hard on the back of his neck and head when the Bruin ducked rather than meet Salo shoulder to shoulder.

Salo is out indefinitely with a concussion, although he remained with the Canucks as they travelled to Tampa for the game against the Lightning.

After Boston coach Claude Julien, a buddy of Vigneault’s, suggested Salo was to blame for taking a “run” at Marchand, who was merely defending himself, the Vancouver coach fired back that it was a “stupid” comment. “What Marchand did, you could end a player’s career doing that”, Vigneault said

According to NHL vice-president and justice minister Brendan Shanahan:
“While we understand that in certain circumstances, a player may duck or bail instinctively in order to protect himself from an imminent, dangerous check, we do not view this play as defensive or instinctive,” Shanahan explained. “Rather, we feel this was a predatory, low hit, delivered intentionally by Marchand in order to flip his opponent over him.”

The Bruins, of course, are unhappy with the suspension, and we’re even disappointed with the call. Julien was unhappy his player received even a major penalty and stood on the bench to scream at officials…

Play dirty, pay the price!

Take a look at the hit here:

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