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Kelly Ripa Shares Comical Encounter With BC Bear

kelly ripa

Photo: Kelly Ripa / Instagram

Kelly Ripa has an Canadian campfire story to share around the globe after her recent stay in town.


Kelly Ripa appeared last night, July 25th, on Late Night with Seth Meyers and gave a vivid, comedic account of one of her recent family vacations to Vancouver Island.


Since her husband has been in town filming the show Riverdale, the popular host of Live with Kelly & Ryan has been in town a number of times and gushes over how much she adores British Colombia . On a recent trip, she informed the audience that she didn’t have the best idea of what to pack. She told Seth that she brought along a couple of bikinis and an evening gown, none of which were particularly suited to a vacation in the snow-capped Canadian mountains.



She laughed as she explained how she got off of the plane and was immediately greeted by a horse and buggy. From there, the attendants asked her if she had any food. She replied that she was carrying a wide assortment snacks, as she was traveling with children. They advised her that all of it had to be confiscated.


The Bears And Kelly Ripa

When she asked why the food had to be confiscated, the attendant informed her that the food might attract bears to her tents. Kelly innocently asked, “will there be lots of bears?”

The attendant flatly replied, “these are the Ursus Mountains. Ursus means bears.”

The Late Show crowd roared with laughter, and Kelly continued to regale them with the tale. In addition, she entertained the guests  with some fun facts about activities her children partook in while staying in on the island.



The story ends in an alarming, but completely safe encounter with one of the furry forest inhabitants on a biking path through the forest. 

For a list of ways to travel to the Vancouver Island, but preferably avoiding bears, take a look here.


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