You Might Need To Pay A Reservation Fee To Hike Joffre Lakes In The Future

Joffre Lake

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park Hike is one of the most Instagrammed hikes in all of British Columbia; however, it may soon cost a fee to hike the popular route.

Currently, the hike doesn’t have a fee, or a reservation system. With that being said, it’s almost always packed. In fact, the trail is often so busy that it is difficult to navigate with ease, especially where there are rocky areas leading to the upper lakes.

As a result, the Village of Pemberton is asking the provincial government for help. Specifically, they’ve submitted a resolution to the Municipalities Convention asking for a trail booking and reservation system fee structure.

In addition, domestic animals were banned from entering the Provincial Park. Unfortunately, the rise in visitation, both human and canine, had negative effects on the local ecosystem. While that may have kept some hikers home, it hasn’t done enough to curb the massive influx of visitors.

Joffre Lakes

Located past Whistler near Pemberton, there are three lakes in total on this enchanting hike: upper, middle, and lower. Each of the lakes offers a pristine view of turquoise, glacier fed water surrounded by soaring mountain ranges and an endless sea of trees.

While the lakes do freeze over in winter, the park becomes a popular destination for snowshoers, skiers, and snowboarders alike. These winter activities usually occur between November and May depending on snowfall.

The resolution will go before the convention next month.

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