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Gillis: Canucks Planning Something Special For The Fans

A long and never ending NHL lockout has finally ended as both sides have reached a deal to put Hockey fans back on there feet. During the rough lockout, there were some crazy headlines. For starters, Kevin Bieksa got a ticket while practicing. This was followed by head coach Alain Vigneault flying back East to his parents basement! & just this past month President Obama called out both sides on behalf of the fans.

It was definitely a up and down time for fans, but thank god we made it through!

Canucks GM Mike Gillis knows a lot of fans have been unhappy with the lockout, but he’s hoping that the Canucks Nation will still have the team’s back heading into the 2013 season. Gillis confirmed there was a hefty amount of season ticket cancellations, but wouldn’t comment on specific numbers or provide an estimate.

“I think they relate to our players very well and I think they relate to (an) ownership group that’s prepared to pull out all the stops to win a Stanley Cup. I’m hopeful that that combination, as well as some specific things we’re trying to plan for opening night – depending on when that is and moving through the season… we’re going to try and entertain hockey fans here in Vancouver as best we can.”

Gillis also added that the Canucks organization is currently planning something special to express it’s appreciation to the city and the loyal fans. He stated:

“We do have a lot of plans, but I’d like to keep them to ourselves so that people will be excited and energized and fully supportive of the team.”

Whatever the surprise plans are, we’re sure will be special. The bottom line is the Canucks are back in action and Vancouver will revive it’s Hockey energy.

Go Canucks Go!

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