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You Can Fly Round-trip Vancouver To New York For Just $347 CAD (Tax Incl)

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While there are many exciting cities in the United States, not many can compare to the big apple.

New York City is a non-stop party, a foodie’s paradise, a shopping mecca, and a historical goldmine.


You can find virtually anything you’re looking for in this sprawling, urban oasis; however, the plane ticket there is usually quite costly.

While even the cheapest fares are usually around $500 and up, we found this great deal with Delta Airlines for round-trip airfare from Vancouver for just $347.91 CAD with all tax included!

New York
Photo: Delta Airlines


The dates of travel are from November 1st to November 16th, and the itinerary includes just one stopover in Minneapolis in either direction. Also, each stopover is less than an hour, so you won’t be waiting forever in the airport.


Enjoy New York

While this is a superb deal, it is one of their lowest fare classes so it won’t last long. If you are planning on going it is wise to purchase your tickets well in advance.

Travel Tip: Since NYC is brimming with fantastic entertainment, eateries, sports, shopping and much more, it is always recommended to plan your stay ahead of time. You can purchase a New York City Pass in advance of your holiday which allows you to enter many of the city’s most popular tourist destinations at a discounted price. Also, if you plan to catch a Broadway Show or have a look inside the Statue of Liberty, it is wise to book tickets for both well ahead of your trip as they almost always sell out.

If you are broke from living in Vancouver, check out our list of great, cheap places to travel to on a budget! Also, make sure you give yourself ample time to check in before flying into the states due to increased security measures.


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