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The Best Filipino Restaurants In Metro Vancouver

filipino restaurants

It’s been only recently that Filipino food has been gaining recognition and becoming more popular with the Vancouver communities.

The flavours have a way of surprising those who are unfamiliar with them, with saltiness being the main component. That, mixed with a balancing act of sour and hints of sweetness thrown in make Filipino food one of the best delicacies around.

Anthony Bourdain put it best, stating that it’s “casual, accessible, and exactly what you need after a few beers.”

We’ve compiled a list of the best Filipino restaurants in Vancouver. Happy eating!

Best Filipino Restaurants In Vancouver

Hapag Ihaw Ihaw


A hole in the wall on Victoria Drive, Hapag Ihaw Ihaw specializes in grilled meat. It’s a must on the foodie bucket list. Make sure you try the crispy, deep fried pata (pork hock, otherwise known as the end extension of the leg bone of a pig).

Located on 5432 Victoria Drive in Vancouver, it’s open every day except Tuesday, 11.30AM to 8.30PM.

Symphonie Restaurant


A family owned joint, Symphonie Restaurant ensures each dish is made fresh with love. It’s affordable, they have an all-day breakfast, and you can catch their daily menu and specials on their twitter (@SymphonieFood).

Located on 1140 W Pender Street, they’re open during the week 6.30AM to 3.30PM, and closed weekends. The Filipino restaurant is a little hidden on the first floor of an office tower, so if you’re not looking closely, you might just miss it.




With two locations in both Vancouver and Coquitlam, Kulinarya has an authentic enough feel to it that it’ll leave Filipinos nostalgic for their moms cooking.

Their most unique feature? They pride themselves on having no plates or cutlery – hands on only!

A perfect introduction to Filipino food for beginners, Kulinarya is located at 1134 Commercial Drive and 114-2922 Glen Drive. Open Tuesday through Sunday, 11AM to 3PM, and 5PM to 9PM.

Kumare Restaurant


‘Kumare’ means a relationship between two close friends in Tagalog. According to the Kumare website, it’s common for kumares to flock together, “twittering like birds while enjoying their food.”

It’s a restaurant and bakery that’s a mix of Filipino and Thai cuisine, specializing in turo-turo style (fast food).

 This Filipino restaurant also features all-day breakfast, so why not head there next time you’re craving breakfast food AND Filipino cuisine and experience the best of both worlds?

Located at 8130 Park Road in Richmond, it’s open every day from 9.30AM to 9PM.

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