Local Police Are Now Using Drones To Target Speeders

delta police speeding drone

The Delta Police department has started using a new method to crack down on speed racers.

By using a drone, police hope to catch those going well above the speed limit across the city. They began using the strategy towards the end of August which led to tickets and even impounding a car on August 26.

Delta police state the new strategy is a productive way to ticket without having to chase a vehicle.

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The drone was recently deployed over Tsawwassen First Nation lands and around Highway 17. This enabled them to catch a driver going 157 km/hr in an 80 km/hr zone. The driver was served a ticket for excessive speeding, and had their vehicle impounded for 7 days.

“The drone allows our officers to have fantastic visibility over a wide area, as well as zoom in on offender’s license plates,” says Acting Sergeant Grayson Smith, head of the Delta Police Traffic Section.

For excessive speeders the penalty is:

  • $368-483 fine
  • impounding and towing fees
  • three points to their driving record
  • a risk premium is added to insurance costs.

“Instead of trying to pull over these drivers going at high speeds, the drone operator follows them, and officers who are strategically placed can make these stops when safe to do so,” said Smith.



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