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Dashcam Captures Car Nearly Running Over Richmond Pedestrian (Video)

dashcam crosswalk richmond

Photo: awilsor3 / YouTube

A vehicle nearly avoided contact with a local pedestrian this past weekend which could have resulted in more than just serious injuries.

The only thing that saved the pedestrian from what could have been an unfortunate situation is his judgement to look both ways before crossing.

A video posted to YouTube by awilsor3 caught the scary moment on No. 1 Road, a few blocks away from Westminster Highway:


In fairness to the driver, it is difficult to see the pedestrian given his dark clothing blended in with the shadows over the crosswalk.

Nonetheless, the driver should have taken notice of the vehicle ahead of it slowing down and coming to a stop.

In the video’s description box, the uploader points out the driver in the orange vehicle had a N (novice) displayed on the back of their vehicle.

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