The Wild Drivers In Richmond Traffic Were Actually Undercover Police (Video)

Undercover Police

A video surfaced this past week of some particularly erratic Richmond drivers on Youtube.

Dash cam footage showed a startling three drivers sailing past red lights, right across the intersection. As a result, the comments section of the video had people making numerous assumptions as to why this phenomena happened at the same time. Specifically, would are the coincidences that three vehicles just happened to be doing the same type of reckless driving.

It turns out, very slim. As many Youtubers guessed, the drivers in the video were police officers.

The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia confirmed this in a press release.

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Undercover Police in Richmond Video


The release states that the officers were engaged in surveillance of some high-level gang targets. While this explains the behaviour, the organization says it will review to ensure that the officers were following the scope of their duties and training, in addition to the Motor Vehicle Act.

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