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How Cyfe Helps Us Understand Our Business Data With Beautiful Dashboards


If you’ve searched for business dashboards online, there’s a high probability you’ve come across Cyfe.

For those unfamiliar with Cyfe, or business dashboards for that regard, we’ll help break down what they are and the power they can bring to business growth.

Business Dashboards

In a nutshell, business dashboards are cloud based information management tools that help both small and large businesses organize, track and analyze their data with visually appealing, real-time displays. They pull data from all your favourite tools and illustrate where your business stands with its key performance indicators (KPIs) and other important objectives of business processes.

A plethora of business dashboards have become available to the public which begs the question, what one do you choose? The answer: it depends. After thorough research, the answer for us was Cyfe, here’s why:


Like most digital publications, we’re a data driven company that dives deep into analytics. Ultimately, data diving becomes unproductive when you have to track results from countless services and cross reference them by constantly switching tabs. This is where dashboards become life savers. They save you time by pulling data from multiple services and allow you to monitor them all in one place.

cyfeBut not all dashboards are made equal. For us, we needed one that would be simple, and allow us to dive deep into website analytics, social media analytics, and a few more key services our business relies on. When comparing options, we concluded that Cyfe’s service widgets met our needs, and also provided benchmark metrics to help take our insights to the next level.

Ease of Setup

Getting started with Cyfe was a breeze. You simply create an account and automatically receive a blank dashboard you can fill with widgets. To do so, you literally hit “add widget” and connect any service you want to draw data from. Data source categories range from social media and SEO to reviews, support and more custom options. Popular data sources on Cyfe include Google Analytics, Grade.US Reviews, SERPs, Twitter and Youtube.


Currently, we’re using widgets that connect to various Google Analytics metrics for in-depth website statistics, and our numerous social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to review our growth.

Our favourite widget is Mashup. As the name suggests, the widget allows us to draw from numerous data connections into one visual for the ultimate comparison chart. Given we have multiple social channels, we’re able to cross-reference all of them and identify intriguing patterns that help us capitalize on momentum or change-course to avoid upset. If we’re using different strategies for different channels, Mashup’s presentation also paints clear indications into what strategies are working vs. the ones that aren’t.

cyfe case studyFor example, our social media team finalized two strategies it wanted to deploy in an effort to grow our followers on Instagram. Before making a final decision, we opted to test both strategies and let our audience conclude what they preferred. To do so, we created two widgets on Cyfe to monitor two separate Instagram pages and began executing the unique strategies for each of them. Within weeks, we received a clear picture into what resonated and were able to finalize our strategy.

How our team uses Cyfe

Instead of creating one big dashboard, we’ve created multiple and customized them to analyze different aspects of our operations. It’s easy to share the dashboards on our office TV Monitor so everyone on the team has access to the metrics to make data based decisions.

Anyone who’s involved in our day-to-day operations plays a big role in ensuring we achieve our goals. That means all individuals rely on real-time performance to understand our audience and ensure they’re preferences are being catered to. As a result, we’ve created a dashboard that presents a wide variety of website traffic data and social media results presented in a format that’s easy to digest. This helps save time in meetings as managers no longer have to break down metrics. Everyone can access the dashboards from their computer, and they’re also presented across the office using the TV Mode feature.

This alone has led colleagues to be more invested in our goals as they have first-hand insight into our performance. This is further amplified when our collective strategies begin spiking on the dashboard.

Our stakeholders are primarily concerned with our core KPIs that include website traffic and revenue growth on a month-to-month basis. With that in mind, they have their own customized dashboards that illustrate results to help them evaluate our success.

Cyfe allows you to view results by day, week, month or year and compare performance in an instance. You can also export dashboards, which makes it easy to share with anyone who’s not in the office.


At the end of the day, Cyfe allows us to monitor our business from anywhere in the world. Equally important, their pricing model is reasonable and doesn’t limit the amount of widgets you have access to. All things considered, our team is able to slice and dice data as we see fit to gather valuable insights and make better everyday decisions.

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