Ce Soir Noir 2017 Paints The City Black (Photos + Videos)

Ce Soir Noir

An alternative to the popular Diner En Blanc, Ce Soir Noir 2017 put on a powerful display of community unity.

Dressed in all black, people packed into Crab Park for a free, all-inclusive community picinc. People of all ages enjoyed the beautiful weather and the positive company.

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Another successful night of doing absolutely nothing. Thanks for coming out.

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crows. #cesoirnoir

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the bros are black in town #cesoirnoir2017

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nuit en noir / ce soir noir a Crab Park 🐶🖤🦀

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Such a delightful evening at 'Ce Soir Noir' with these lovely ladies! 🖤🍒🌮🍪🖤

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Ce Soir Noir #cesoirnoir #cesoirnoir2017

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#cesoirnoir2017 #cesoirnoir #yvr #summer2017

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🖤#mypeople #cesoirnoir #blackonblack #lovemyblondes @alicedavis #rubytoo

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Me at #cesoirnoir. 📷: @matswho #goth #necromancer #cvlt #witch #blackmagic #allblackeverything #darkfashion #potion #lantern

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"We're bros!" #cesoirnoir2017

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