Experience Authentic Gold Panning At This Cariboo Town In BC

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The 1800’s were a prospector’s gold mine, and the Fraser River was where it was the most common. Barkerville, named after William Baker, who on August 17th, 1862, started an industrial revolution that helped build British Columbia as we know it today.

He struck a treasure trove of gold at a depth of 52 feet, and never looked back.

Barkerville, B.C.

Photo: Fraser Valley Discovery Centre

It’s the largest heritage site in Western North America, and was given the name of a ‘living history museum’ — which speaks for itself.

There are still over 100 heritage structures in place today, two historic cemeteries and a vast collection of one of the biggest Chinese archive collections in all of Canada.

An ultimate throwback in time, Barkerville is the perfect vacation spot without having to travel too far.

Located in the Cariboo Mountains just east of Quesnel, it offers visitors a chance to explore the gold rush in the 1860’s in all its authenticity.

Photo: The Canadian Encylopedia

There are an abundance of activities in Barkerville.

Daily town tours, a Waterwheel show which demonstrates what the working conditions were like in the region, Chinatown School Lessons, Theatre Royal, and even Early Justice!

Every actor and tour guide is in character till the very end, giving the demonstrations an air of true genuineness.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Next to Barkerville is the town of Wells, which contains one of the biggest trail networks in all of British Columbia — a must for any season.

Photo: Travel British Columbia

There are campsites available for accommodation, but if you would prefer something more hotel-like, there are also a selection of B&B’s.

An old town that fondly creates new memories, Barkerville is the perfect pit stop for history buffs.

Full hours and rates can be found here.

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