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Government Warns Canadians They May Get Stuck If They Travel Outside The Country

flights with covid-19 - canadians may get stuck

Photo: John McArthur / Unsplash

The Government of Canada’s latest travel advisory recommends Canadians to avoid any non-essential travel in the near future.

For those who choose to travel anyway, should be prepared for uncertainties.

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Government Warns Canadians

Among others, the government warns that individuals will be at risk of contracting the new COVID-19 variant and potentially face setbacks on their return. As a result, travellers may have to extend their trips and potentially find themselves stranded depending on the rules of the country they’re returning from.

The warnings are part of updated travel protocols, which include travellers to produce a mandatory negative PCR result for re-entry after all out-of-country trips. They also warned that entry requirements and travel itineraries could change.

“Should Canadians choose to travel outside Canada, they need to recognize travel plans may be severely disrupted and they may be forced to remain outside of Canada longer than expected,” says the release.

Should disruptions arise, the government likely won’t be there to assist.

“Canadians should not depend on the Government of Canada for assistance related to changes to travel plans.”

If Canadians contract the Omicron virus and test positive, they should be prepared to add an additional 14 days to their trip and be responsible of all associated costs.

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