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Secret Food Court Eats In Metro Vancouver You Gotta Try ASAP

best food court eats

Photo: @sopheats / Instagram

Food courts don’t always have the best reputation for quality eats but these little-known picks recommended by local foodies will have you thinking differently. Go on out and try some of the best food court eats Metro Vancouver has to offer!

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Recommended by:  Sophia (@sopheats)

What they had to say about it:  An old school gem and nostalgic childhood memory to many, Peanuts is a stall that has lived in the Richmond Public Market since 1996! It was one of the first bubble tea shops to open, before this current wave all across town. Until today, they continue to serve affordable and delicious sweet treats, from bubble tea to wheel cakes. My favourite things to eat here are the cheese and matcha flavoured wheel cakes!

Where to get it: 8260 Westminster Hwy in Richmond at the Richmond Public Market


Guangdong Flavour


Recommended by: Melody (@blackholetummy)

What they had to say about it:  Claypot rice, also known as “Bo Jai Fan” is a staple dish of Cantonese cuisine. Traditionally, the dish is served with Chinese sausage and vegetables. But at Guangdong Flavour, you can get it with other toppings like salted fish, sliced chicken, and other ingredients. You can even opt for a sticky rice option here!

I usually like to get mine with salted egg for extra flavouring, along with some chicken and Chinese sausage. The chicken prepared at Guangdong Flavour is extremely tender and juicy, which pairs well with the steaming hot rice. The dish is served with sweet soy sauce on the side for you to pour into your rice to enjoy.

All this is for less than $10! Great inexpensive place to satisfying your claypot rice craving!

Where to get it:  8260 Westminster Hwy in Richmond at the Richmond Public Market

J&G Fried Chicken


Recommended by: Howard (@food_with_howie)

What they had to say about it: After making yummy and tasty classic Taiwanese snacks for over 40 years, these guys opened their first Western Canadian stall in Burnaby not too long ago. They have classic deep-fried popcorn chicken, deep fried chicken breast, and even deep fried veggies. Everything is made fresh in store and they are all seasoned really nicely. Definitely give them a try when you’re by the area, they most likely have something that will interest you.

Where to get it:  #2121 – 4500 Kingsway in Burnaby at Crystal Mall




Recommended by: Caleb & Nerissa (@forkthatdish)

What they had to say about it: Our favourite food court find would have to be the corn dogs from Tokki. Priced reasonably, they taste amazing with a unique twist of their own. We loved the cheesy dog that was half sausage half cheese but the monster bat with fried potato bits was our favourite.

Where to get it: 1163 Pinetree Way in Coquitlam at Henderson Place Mall

Cup Full


Recommended by: Victor (@foodvictory)

What they had to say about it:  Most food courts don’t have many dessert stalls at all but this spot is a great place for affordable milky shaved ice/bingsoo desserts. I really enjoyed the matcha red bean, and mango options. A great hidden gem to visit when the heat picks up!

Where to get it: 1163 Pinetree Way in Coquitlam at Henderson Place Mall

Teppan Kitchen


Recommended by: Anthony (@_maanthony)

What they had to say about it: One of my go-to places for food court eats, this place offers a huge variety beyond their popular Rib Eye Beef Teppan Rice and  Pan-Fried Chicken Linguine. I absolutely recommend trying their Rib Eye Teppan Rice that comes with big portions of beef, rice, miso soup, and most importantly, lots of flavour. This will definitely fill your stomach up but if that’s still not enough, you can add a cold milk tea or iced lemon tea drink for just $1. Check out Teppan Kitchen whenever you can, you won’t regret it.

Where to get it: Two locations in Richmond and Vancouver

  • Richmond: 4151 Hazelbridge Way at Aberdeen Centre
  • Vancouver: 555 W Hastings St at Harbour Centre

Parker Good Foods


Recommended by:  @vanfoodventure

What they had to say about it: This spot is one of my go-to food court stalls! Aside from the rice combos where you choose your items from the trays of freshly-prepared foods and a variety of Chinese rice/noodle dishes on the menu, they have one specialty that few food stalls offer: “lo shui duck”.

“Lo shui” is a Chinese term that refers to the “master stock” (usually made with soya sauce) used to braise meat, offals, and other offcuts. The lo shui duck at Parker Good Foods is tender and flavourful, and they offer white vinegar as a dipping sauce. Additional lo shui items they have include egg and tofu.

Where to get it: 4380 No 3 Rd in Richmond at Parker Place


Will you be trying these out any time soon? Let us know below!


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