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BC Spring Forecast Looks Good For Skiers, But Not So Much For The Rest of Us

bc spring forecast

Photo: Sworldguy / Flickr

“In like a lion, out like a lamb,” this old saying about March seems to be very true for B.C. 

The Weather Network has released the spring forecast across Canada, and overall Western Canada is expected to see the cooler side of things in comparison to the rest of the country.

March will be a change of pace from February’s cold snap, but will not be what we typically expect for this time of year.

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The B.C. spring forecast calls for above normal wet patterns, however it will be mostly during the first half of spring. It will trend closer to normal later in the season. 

bc spring forecast 2021
Photo: The Weather Network

Typically B.C. is used to being the first to see Spring in Canada. While we will be able to see blooms coming up, the progression through the season is expected to be slower. 

bc spring forecast climate chart
Photo: The Weather Network

For skiers this is great news.

This will allow for a great spring skiing season with an above normal snowpack already in place. The downside is that it could also bring a risk for spring flooding when warm weather finally shows up. 

Another positive to this B.C. spring forecast may be a delayed start to wildfires. It’s hard to say what summer weather will bring at this point. However, a slow start to spring may mean a delay to the start of extreme temperatures seen in wildfire season. 


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