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Fall In Love With The Two New Burrowing Badgers At The Greater Vancouver Zoo

Greater Vancouver Zoo

Photo: Greater Vancouver Zoo

Very few people will have the privilege of viewing badgers in the wild; however, two badgers called Dozer and Sandy now call the Greater Vancouver Zoo home. The Zoo offers guests the rare opportunity to observe these nocturnal critters up close and personal.

Sadly, these curious creatures are an endangered species in BC. So, the Zoo aims to educate guests about the factors contributing to their population decline and what we can all do to help.  

With over 140 species on the park’s 120 acres, the Greater Vancouver Zoo works with the community to ensure the preservation of native species in local ecosystems. In this way, it offers not only an exciting means of learning about the animal kingdom but also supports a variety of conservation efforts.

Greater Vancouver Zoo
Photo: Greater Vancouver Zoo

In line with this the Zoo aims to ensure all of the animals have a beautiful enclosure that closely resembles their natural habitat. As the newest additions to the Zoo, these adorable mammals are no different.

Located at the edge of the North American section, the new badger enclosure has numerous natural rolling hills that encourage the animal’s natural activity, burrowing. Badgers are well known for being excellent at digging, creating tunnels that allow them to move quickly whilst protected from predators. They will also use these tunnels for sleeping and can burrow as far down as 3 meters below the surface. As such, it’s necessary for them to have an enclosure that encourages and enables their natural activities.

Greater Vancouver Zoo
Photo: Greater Vancouver Zoo

What’s more, this lovely environment overlooks the enclosures of elk, deer and bison. As a result, this gives the badgers a clear site of their familiar wild neighbours.

The Greater Vancouver Zoo Contest

Snap & Win

BE HERE. Celebrate Father’s Day throughout June by spending your day at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. Visit Dozer and Sandy at Enclosure 46 or Hugh, our baby addax, at Enclosure 2 and enter our Snap & Win competition for a chance to win a weekly cash giveaway of $100*. Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Snap a photo with male family members at the badger or addax enclosure
  2. Upload to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  3. Tag Greater Vancouver Zoo in the photo
  4. Use hashtag #BehereGVzoo
  5. Enter before June 30th

*For full contest rules visit gvzoo.com.

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