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B.C. May Not Suspend Tenant Evictions Amid COVID-19

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Although action has been put into place to help those with a mortgage, B.C. residents may not get the same help with potential rental evictions.

Premiere John Horgan announced the province’s $5 billion relief plan, Monday, and said there will be help to curb evictions, related to COVID-19.

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But any evictions that are currently in progress will continue.


The organization, Vancouver Tenants Union (VTU), have already heard from 1,200 residents who are concerned they won’t be able to pay their rent by April.

The organization has even started a petition that urges the B.C. government to stop all evictions during the pandemic.

“They’re at risk of eviction and they are panicking,” said VTU organizer Mazdak Gharibnavaz in a statement.

To help residents, Finance Minister Carole James said the government is giving people $1,000 on top of the Federal Employment Insurance. But that money is unlikely to become available until May and, even still, Gharibnavaz said that isn’t enough to help people keep their homes.

So far, there is only a ban on evictions for BC Housing-funded buildings. Horgan said the government will announce specifics to help B.C. renters, Wednesday.

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