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Eavesdrop on Whale Conversations on This First-of-its-kind Cruise From B.C.

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Most people have whale watching on their bucket list, but what if you were able to really listen to them too?

One cruise offers just that.

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American Queen Voyages is offering a first-of-its-kind cruise from BC to Alaska this summer and it will allow guests to be one with the whales.

According to Travel & Leisure, this cruise will make your “Finding Nemo” dreams a reality.

It’s all possible thanks to a partnership with the Sound Science Research Collective, which is giving guests access to hydrophones while onboard that will allow them to listen to North Pacific humpback whales communicating with one another.

During the unique sailing, guests will also be able to track whales through fluke identification, by uploading their own photos to a scientific database.

Guests will be able to hear the sounds of many other marine creatures throughout the journey as well, including seals and fish.


Dr. Michelle Fournet, the director of the Sound Science Research Collective, will be on the May 6 voyage departing Vancouver to Sitka, Alaska.

Her colleague, scientist Andy Rogan, will join the June 17 sailing.

Therefore, guests will have a truly immersive experience where they can learn from scientists themselves and contribute to their research of these fascinating mammals.

The experience will be on board the American Queen Voyages’ Queen Victory vessel, which can accommodate up to 186 guests.


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