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Multiple Security Cameras In Alberta Captured A Meteorite This Weekend (VIDEOS)

Alberta Meteor Shower

Screencap: @meg2386 / Twitter

This past weekend, multiple security cameras in Edmonton, Alberta captured footage of what appears to be a meteorite.

The meteorite was caught streaking through the Alberta sky at around 10:00 pm local time, and home security cameras and dashcams across the city captured it on film.

Take a look for yourself:

Some speculated whether or not Superman had arrived. Others said it was just Edmonton Oilers star Connor McDavid arriving for training camp.

This comes after some weird, and oddly-pretty, pink skies occurred in British Columbia a few weeks ago. And to top it off, there was possible northern lights sightings this past weekend.

Regardless, it kind of makes you wonder why this doesn’t happen more often. If extra-terrestrial beings existed, wouldn’t our surplus of cameras capture footage of them at one point or another?

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