10 Kid-Friendly Hikes In BC That Are 4KM And Under

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It’s getting warmer outside, and sunglasses weather means only one thing: hiking season.

We’ve compiled a list of the best beginner hikes all around British Columbia, that people of any age can conquer. Get those hiking boots on, and don’t forget sunscreen!

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Kid-Friendly Hikes In BC

Burnett Falls

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Located on the Sunshine Coast, Burnett Falls Park is home to an amazing waterfall.

This 0.5 KM hike is definitely more on the easy side, and can be categorized as more of a stroll than a hike, but the view of the waterfall is more than worth it. Open year-round, you can begin the hike by passing the metal gate and following it upwards, as it veers towards the right and into the forest.

Smoke Bluff Park

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This 3.5 KM hike in Squamish gives visitors an incredible view of Howe Sound. Not only that, but it’s a popular spot for rock climbers, which can be a marvel in itself.

A bit steep, this hike starts at the map board. Make sure you stick to your left!

Dawson Falls

Be my only be the water where I’m wading

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About two hours north of Kamloops, Dawson Falls is in Well Grey Provincial Park, BC’s fourth largest park.

It’s a relatively easy hike, consisting of a 1.35 KM hike that takes about half an hour round trip – plus you’re rewarded with a great view of the waterfall at the end. The trail begins in the parking area.

There are two viewpoints, one overlooking the falls from afar, and the second right on the brink of the falls.

Murrin Loop Trail


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Located along the Sea to Sky highway, Murrin Loop Trail is about a 45 minute drive from Vancouver.

While it’s a short hike at at 2 KM, it is a little steep, so be careful! Start the hike at the parking lot, following through the Browning Lake beach area, and up to the Quercus Viewpoint.

Porpoise Bay

Located on the Sunshine Coast, Porpoise Bay Provincial Park is open year-round.

It has lots of beaches to explore, making it fun for the whole family. The trails are relatively short, varying from 0.5 to 1 KM roundtrip. Pass through Angus Creek, gaining scenic views of the inlet.

Brandywine Falls

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Located on the Sea to Sky highway, from Squamish to Whistler, Brandywine Falls is another simple hike at 1 KM roundtrip.

It starts from the parking lot and crosses a wooden bridge, taking visitors further into the trail until a glimpse of the waterfall appears.

Canyon Falls/Crawford Falls

Lower Crawford Falls from a couple days ago! #explorebc

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Located in Central Okanagan, Canyon Falls Park is about a 2 KM kilometre hike that leads to a flowing waterfall.

Open year-round, there are two falls that you can hike towards. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the lower falls, and if you follow the path for another 10 minutes, a glimpse of the larger, 40 feet waterfalls can be seen.

Chilliwack Community Forest 

An easy hike for all ages, Chilliwack Community Forest lies in the Fraser Valley area. It’s a network of trails that are encompassed by lush forest area.

It’s 3KM round-trip, and is open from February to November. The trail starts in the parking lot, going straight until you have to take a left at the Cholquet Trail.

Velodrome Trail

Otherwise known as Burnaby Grind, Velodrome Trail starts at the North side of Burnaby Mountain, all the way up to Horizons Restaurant.

It’s a intermediate 3KM hike that takes approximately one hour roundtrip, and is open year-round. The trail starts at the northeast corner of the Velodrome – there’s a gravel trail that leads into the forest, which is where it officially starts.

Wild Pacific Trail/Lighthouse Loop

With incredible views, this memorable hike on Vancouver Island is not to be missed.

It’s a 2.5KM round-trip in Ucluelet, with spectacular viewpoints along the way. Each turn holds new perspectives of cliffs and far off islands. With this trail, there’s an option to follow through the Lighthouse Loop or go all the way through Big Beach to Rocky Bluffs, which is a 10KM trip.

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