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YVR Outlet Bandit Is Sticking Fake Electrical Outlets On The Airport Walls

YVR Outlet

Photo: Vancouver Airport / Twitter

Someone has been trolling YVR with stickers that look like electrical outlets, and the airport is not pleased about it.

Dubbed the “YVR outlet bandit,” the person, or group of people, is sticking paper that looks exactly like an electrical outlet in various locations around the airport. So, any unsuspecting person that wants to charge their phone is in for a frustrating surprise.

Upon discovering the sticker, the airport tweeted, “Whoever did this – you are evil.”

YVR responded to a second sticker tweeting, “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” Following this, the airport promptly removed the sticker.

YVR Outlet Bandit

After posting about the outlet bandit, a number of other locations in North America appear to have been hit by the same person. In fact, the Orlando International Outlet tweeted an image of a sticker that was found on one of their walls.

“Orlando Airport is under construction – hoping you install Wifi and more outlets! Also get rid of these stickers… mean but funny!” tweeted Katie McHugh, MD.

Another user said, “I noticed the #outletbandit in LAX. It’s spreading…!”

YVR was named the best airport in North America for the ninth year in a row. This win makes it the first and only airport to receive the top accolade for nine years in a row.


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