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Woman Coughed on Flight and Said She Was Told to Wear a Mask Because She’s Asian

Woman asked to Wear Mask-Coronavirus fears

Photo: hsckcwong / Flickr

As Coronavirus fears spread into racism, another person was singled out, after coughing on a flight.

The Asian woman was on her way home from Mexico, when staff tried to make her wear a mask.

Reed Chen had caught a flu bug half-way through her two-week trip. It persisted and she was still getting over it when it came time to fly home.

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But as great as her trip had been otherwise, the Vancouver woman had a sour taste in her mouth from the return flight.

When Chen coughed, a flight attendant approached her and asked if she had gone to China recently. She said no and that she hadn’t been in 20 years.

“Another male flight attendant came to me, this time he was interrogating me,” Chen said to CTV News. “He said tell me where have you been, have you been to China? Have you been to Wuhan?”

The attendant returned a few minutes later, telling the woman the captain had insisted she wear a mask, but Chen refused.

When Chen asked the attendant if they asked other people to wear a mask, he said no – people were only complaining about her.

“The airline needs to apologize for putting me through such a treatment and they have to change their way of dealing with passengers,” Chen said. “My rights cannot be taken away just because some other people are being paranoid.”

She has not filed a complaint with the airline.

Similar racist incidents have cropped up since the rise of the Coronavirus and with the few cases within Canada. For factual information, read about what the illness actually consists of.

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