White Rock Is Packing Up Their Street Patio Because People Keep Complaining

white rock beach patio

White Rock has voted to cancel the one-way lane closures along Marine Drive.

The lane closure and extended patio idea originally came into fruition to aid businesses due to pandemic closures. However, during its run, there were mixed responses from locals and businesses in the area.

Earlier this month, the City had asked for input from business owners along White Rock beach to better understand what measure to take on the extended street patio and one-way traffic that was implemented.


White Rock’s Decision to End One Way Street And Patios

Many had doubts whether this was the right call for the already highly congested area. In addition to that, with the return to indoor dining and capacity has been restored, the need for patios was further questioned.

After hearing from business owners and operators at the July 12th City Council Meeting, a vote was held and results were 4-3 to end the one-way traffic lane.

At this point, the city of White Rock will move forward to restore two-way traffic and reopen access to the waterfront strip ahead of the initially proposed September date.

This will take place by August 7 at the latest. Providing time for restaurants and the city to remove their patios and barricades, which cannot start until August 3 at the earliest.

Opposing Views

Although the majority did win, some councillors do feel that more time should have been given to the one-way traffic project. Scott Kristjanson said, “I think if we embrace this till Sept. 30, more and more businesses would get onboard and find this is a win-win.”

Some restaurant goers have also taken to social media to express their disappointment in regards to the patios being removed.

It’s not yet known if the idea will be revisited, however it seems the White Rock waterfront will be back to normal before the end of summer.


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