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Whistler: Every Travelers Dream Location

The beautiful Province of British Columbia has no shortage of wonderful and breathtaking scenery to explore, and sights to be discovered by tourists from around the world. Some cities that attract large numbers of tourists during the summer months include Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria, Squamish, and last but certainly not least the beautiful gem named Whistler.

   Whistler is a resort town located in the southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in BC. It is located approximately 125 kilometres north of Vancouver. For many people in Vancouver who experience stressful jobs, and busy schedules throughout the year, Whistler is a calm, peaceful getaway from the fast paced lifestyle of the city. During the summer Whistler offers tourists, and locals as well with endless activities to take part in, and magnificent sights to look at.

    For starters Whistler has some of the best bike trails the west coast has to offer. No need to worry amateur bike riders there are even trails for even the least experienced bike riders out there. The trails around Whistler Village are coordinated into three colors. Green, blue, and black. Green being the easiest of the trails is suited for individuals who want a relaxing bike ride, and enjoy the scenery around them. These trails can be completed on hybrid, comfort, or mountain bikes. The blue trails are meant for more experienced bikers who want more of a challenge while biking, and will definitely break a sweat maneuvering through some of the tougher terrain. These trails should only be encountered with a mountain bike, and should at least have front suspension. Lastly the black trails consist of very rough terrain, and as well features going through sharp inclines and you may even run into the occasional dead end due to the fact that these trails often branch off into many directions. These trails should only be encountered with a mountain bike that has full suspension, and shock absorbers. As it is clearly evident, Whistler has bike trails for every kind of biker.

  Surrounding Whistler Village is a gorgeous array of lakes, and parks ideal for swimming, having a barbeque, or kayaking to list a few activities possible. During the summer time these parks and lakes are jam packed with people throughout the day who take advantage of the wonderful weather. One of the lakes in Whistler that attracts many individuals during the summer months would be Lost Lake. Located approximately 5 minutes away from the heart of Whistler Village it offers a great view of the mountains, clean swimming water, and area to set up a game of beach volleyball with a couple of friends.

   Although I can list many more activities available to visitors in Whistler it would take me forever to cover all the possibilities available. Although I have very briefly mentioned a few of the activities, and sights to check out while in Whistler, one thing is common throughout all. There is something to be found for everyone. If you do not like biking, go swimming in one of the many lakes around Whistler Village. If you do not like swimming you can go kayaking. If kayaking doesn’t float your boat you can always enjoy a relaxing barbeque with your friends while enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery. No matter how you look at it, there is always something for everyone to do while in Whistler .

Written by: Hamed Amiri

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