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Warning Signs Installed In Steveston After Sea Lion Incident


Photo: @james_cybulski / Instagram

Temporary “don’t feed the animals” signs have been placed up along the waterfront in Steveston. The signs are placed as a pre-caution after a young girl was dragged into the water by a sea lion this past Saturday.


The shocking video clip captures a young girl being dragged into the water by a California sea lion a moment after she took a seat on the dock’s ledge.

It is believed that people got the sea lion’s attention by throwing pieces of bread in the water. Once they stopped, the sea lion got frustrated.

Several animal trainers across the country have spoken out about the incident in defence of the sea lion. According to most, the sea lion appeared to mistakenly grab the girl as food.

The Steveston Harbour Authority says more official signs will be installed to prevent any future incidents such as this one.

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