Vancouver Crow Rides The Skytrain To Metrotown (Video)

Vancouver Crow Rides The Skytrain To Metrotown (Video)

Riding on transit is always an interesting experience, as you never know what kind of surprises the travel may hold.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on November 25, a transit user shows just how random commutes can be, as he and several other passengers share a ride with a crow.

In the video, the crow seems calm, cool, and collected, and is shown seated while the train is in motion. Once the train arrives at Metrotown Station and the doors open, the behaved bird casually departs.

Why fly when you can take the train? Or yet a better question, did the crow remember to tap out?

YouTube commenters point out that the bird’s name is Canuck, and that he even has his own Facebook page. It turns out the commenter is likely correct, as both the bird in the video and on Facebook share the same red tag around their leg.

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