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‘Freedom Convoy’ Will Move From Langley to Vancouver But Locals Plan To Stop It

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Photo: Freedom Convoy 2022 / Facebook

Freedom Convoy 2022 relies on social media to organize and unfortunately for it, supporters are not the only ones following their channels. 

A group of Vancouver cyclists on Reddit have posted the B.C. route for the convoy this Saturday, as well as plans to block it.

This could all significantly impact traffic, and a likelihood of severe bouts of honking is forecast. 

Freedom Convoy: Langley – Vancouver

The latest route posted by the opposition cyclists shows the convoy plans to meet at the Cineplex in Langley at 9 AM.

Photo: Freedom Convoy route / Reddit

Once mobilized the convoy will merge onto Highway 1 WB, head west and take exit 28B for Grandview highway. 

It will then turn right on Kingsway, take a left on Broadway, and a right on Burrard. The final destination is the 969 Robson Street address of CTV.

The Reddit “counter insurgency” hopes to block the convoy from impacting any hospital traffic and have vowed to be peaceful and non-confrontational. They are also aware that their counter protest could potentially impede traffic.

“I think outright blocking the road can do more harm than good, and there is the real potential of creating a much bigger traffic problem and impeding emergency vehicles. We have to accept that they’re definitely willing to sit and honk all day.” reads a comment.


The convoy protests against federal government vaccine mandates is arguably the most divisive protest movement in recent Canadian history. 

The anti-mask, anti-mandate and anti-vaccine “movement” as a whole is dogged by accusations of racism.

Critics of the convoy are suspicious of several of the organizers including Pat King, who has publicly stated his fears that the “Anglo-saxon” race is endangered.  

A video of him is featured on Instagram where he says, “Now what it is, is the part of the depopulation and a lot of people don’t understand what that means and that there’s an end game. It’s called depopulation of the Caucasian race or the Anglo-saxon race and that’s what the goal is. ..because they are the ones with the strongest bloodlines.”

There is also; however, support for the convoy from Canadians of colour

Accusations of racism reportedly fuels the convoy’s mission to protest at CTV this Saturday. The convoy wants to protest how it has been portrayed by the media.

It is a really complicated subject with lots of conflicting information. What are your thoughts on the situation? Share your two cents in the comments below.


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