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Translink To Increase Fares On January 1 2013

TransLink is raising cash fares by 10 per cent and monthly passes by 12.5 per cent on Jan 1. in an effort to cover its ballooning funding gap. The TransLink Act allows fares to rise by two per cent each year to cover inflationary costs, however, there have been no increases since 2008.

All regular adult and concession cash fares will rise by $0.25, the new prices for adults will be:

  • $2.75 for one zone
  • $4 for two zones
  • $5.50 for three zones

Monthly FareCards will jump from $81 to $91 for one zone, $110 to $124 for two zones, and from $151 to $170 for three zones.

Ten-packs of FareSaver tickets will stay the same price at $21 for one zone, $31.50 for two zones and $42 for three zones.

Translink has also been dealing with a loophole that allows fare evaders to walk away Scott free which has resulted in a loss of income.

The increases are expected to generate $32 million in new revenue, but TransLink is still projecting a $163 million funding gap for next year, mainly because of lagging fuel tax and transit revenues. They will also be sinking $4.1 billion into the Evergreen Line which opens in the summer of 2016.

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