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Top Searches in Vancouver: Snakes Over Dogs? Sid Dickens? Massage?

Top Searches in Vancouver

Massage? Pet snakes? Sid Dickens? What do these have in common? They made the list of top searches in Vancouver in 2014. Millions of searches take place every day on classified sites. Millions of ads get posted. Ever wonder what Vancouverites are buying? The results are a mix of boring, baffling and totally bizarre. Kijiji, Canada’s leading classifieds site, pulled data for the top 200 searches.

Here’s what they found out.

Vancouver artist Sid Dickens must be doing something right because he’s trending online.

Dickens, best known for his iconic storyboard memory blocks, topped Kijiji Canada’s Top 5 searches for 2014.

Security guards came in second place. If you’re in that line of business, or a bulking up and looking tough lately, consider posting an ad.

Antiques, cargo vans and Ford’s F-350 trucks round out the Top 5 list. Yes, what a snore. But read on, before you nap. It gets weirder.

Besides the usual suspects (cars, campers, furniture, TVs and puppies), snakes were the top searched pet coming in at No. 19. Dogs beat cats though, for the record. What kind of dogs are people in search of? Dobermans, Shih Tzus, Bulldogs and Shiba Inus are all in the top 100 searches.

It seems there are many jazzed up romantics out there. The saxophone was also the top instrument people in Vancouver are after, coming in at No. 8.

More telling of Vancouver residents though, is the number of searches dedicated to heavy machinery. Everything from snowblowers, welders, backhoes, tractors and bale feeders were among the top 200.

The Vancouver Canucks will be taking a shot to their ego because Vancouver residents have been searching for Ontario Hockey League’s Sarnia Stings merchandise and Winnipeg Jets tickets (yes, Kijiji is as puzzled as you are about this one).

In the battle of Android verses iPhone, Apple products are prevailing still with people looking for iPads, iPod touches, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 whooped Microsoft’s XBOX One, with PS4 coming in at 19 on the list and XBOX One not evening placing.

Other weird searches to make the top 200 include dragons, masks and massages.

Looking for a job? You might want to become a driving instructor, heavy equipment operator, mechanic, painter, barista or an electrician — all of whom where heavily searched.

Surprisingly, the Vancouver kingpin of yoga wear – Lululemon – didn’t even make the top 200 list of searches in Vancouver. The company recently tried to crack down on a number of its customers who were reselling products online by blocking them from buying more products on its website.

The company has since apologized for going to the extremes and has revised its reselling policy, warning its customers that it does not support those who acquire its products in large volumes to resell at an elevated price point. Add that to the see-through pants debacle (x2), and Wilson’s questionable comments about women’s bodies, and they just keep taking things back, don’t they.

Top Searches in Vancouver

  1. sid dickens
  2. security guard
  3. antique
  4. security
  5. cargo van
  6. f350
  7. cash
  8. saxophone | sax
  9. honda civic
  10. clk
  11. sarnia sting
  12. saxophone
  13. trailer
  14. camp
  15. f250
  16. ps4
  17. queen bed
  18. snake
  19. doberman
  20. dragon 700
  21. hockey cards
  22. iphone 5
  23. massage
  24. {wabasca}
  25. aluminum fishing
  26. jeep
  27. okanagan
  28. snow removal
  29. travel trailer
  30. tv stand


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