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Mother Killed In Tragic Tofino Surfing Accident Hours Before Daughter’s Wedding

Tofino Surfing Accident / BC beaches

Photo: Ruth Hartnup / Flickr

What was supposed to be the happiest day of young woman’s life ended in tragedy over the long weekend.

Victoria Emon was in Vancouver Island for her wedding on Sunday, May 21st when her mother was killed in a Tofino surfing accident.

Her mother, Ann Wittenberg, headed to Long Beach with her Victoria’s sister Rachel on the morning before the wedding.

During that time, police were called to the area in response to a report of a woman screaming in distress. In addition, a group of people were able to bring them to shore after Ann was dragged underwater.

Sadly, paramedics were unable to resuscitate Ann once she was brought to shore.

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Tofino Surfing Accident

Victoria’s wedding was scheduled for 4:30 PM later that afternoon. Although she was devastated, she continued on with the ceremony; she believed that that would have been what her mother would have wanted.

While they aren’t regular occurrences, Long Beach has seen a number of fatalities over the years. In fact, a young man lost his life on the popular beach after a tragic incident in February of this year.


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